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Glutrasol FE is a patented, science-based specialty supplement we developed to support fertility in both women and men. Glutrasol FE builds immune function, which may be compromised by elevated stress. Stress is estimated to play a role in up to 30% of all fertility problems.

CortControl will soon be taking applications from couples who would be interested in being part of a free 90-day observational study. This study is designed to beta-test our Glutrasol FE fertility enhancement product. Product will be provided free by CortControl. Only shipping and handling fees will apply.


The product is a 100% organic, non-invasive, nutraceutical powder (U.S. PATENT: 9,463,218 B2) that you mix into your favorite beverage. Both male and female partners will be expected to take the Glutrasol FE product for 90-days with check-ins every 30 days to receive additional product to complete the test.

Applications must be:

Product History / Results:

Glutrasol has been tested and prescribed extensively by veterinarians for over 30 years for use on large mammals like cattle/bulls, horses, pigs, etc. Fertility rates in animals have been proven to improve dramatically—by 70%, in some cases—with outcomes including:

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